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 Our story…


 The farm Miðhraun is about 1500 hectares of both farmland and uncultivated lava and mountainous land owned by Bryndís Guðmundsdóttir and her husband Sigurdur Hreinsson. Bryndís was born and raised at the farm but Sigurður is from the south part of Iceland. They met in Reykjavík aroun 1980 while Sigurður was working as a carpenter and Bryndís was studying at the University of Iceland. They moved back to the farm in 1987 together with there one year old daughter Anna to start furfarming. Since then they have run various activities at the farm along with their children Anna, Guðmundur and Steinunn. For example aquaculture, fur farming, honeybeekeeping fish freezing plant for fur animals and for the last 20 years with a great success they ran a fish drying factory for Nigeria market with 30-40 employees. Unfortunately, the factory burned to the ground in November 2016.

There for they had no choice but to find another path in the live and the tourism business seemed to be the best option. In the year 2015-2016 the company was building new apartments  for the employees and the older apartments where being renovated, so It was ideal to use these facilities for tourism.

The farm is not a traditional farmer’s farm and we  talk about “hobby farming” that is rather made for fun then for business. Here we have 9 horses, few Icelandic chickens of the settlers, 3 dogs  and organic sheep farm with 100 sheeps. During the summer we sometimes have a orphan lamb, piglets, milk calves and rabbits at the farm but it is not possible every year.

We may not forget to mention the interest in forestry and plant breeding at the farm. For many years the residents at Miðhraun have planted trees and flowers around there houses and  Bryndís and Siggi are no exception in that interest. Today we can enjoy the beauty, the smell and the shelter from the trees that have grown big and beautiful.

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